Sam Weiss is a California-born filmmaker and performer living in Brooklyn, New York.

As a writer/director, Sam has produced short fiction, documentary and music videos and, as an editor, worked on sketch comedy, reality programming and web series. He gets out of bed in the morning for surreal dark comedy, Lynchian horror and the intersection of campy and cerebral. Sam is currently pursuing an MFA in television production, and previously studied comedy writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade and regular writing at the University of San Francisco.

Sam is the creator, co-writer and host of “Deep Space Live,” the only talk show that takes place inside the mind of a deranged, presumed-dead astronaut. The show, formerly a live stage show at the Annoyance Theatre, now airs on Brooklyn Public Access. He has written and performed live comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Caveat, PIT Theater and Brooklyn Comedy Collective. He has been featured in Time Out New York, Bedford + Bowery and Untapped New York and was thrice accepted into New York City SketchFest.

Sam also writes articles about politics, music, gentrification and that thing where cats rub their mouth on you for publications such as Brokelyn and Complex Magazine.